Thursday, October 11, 2007

blu-ray disc

If you are over 35 years of age you are clearly aware that watching movies from the video store has changed. The products that we now use to record music, movies and to play these devices is an amazing and drastic change in technology. It seems nearly impossible for movies and music discs to improve from what we experience from them now, but just wait its changing right now. As you read this there is a movie industry war on who's product will hit mainstream public availability first and offer the most compatibility to current players/recorders. These two products go by the name of blu-ray and hd-dvd. Now, many think that the advancement of the quality of the movies on these discs is not worth the money or hype they are sure to bombard us with. The major change is the amount of gigabyte space on the discs to allow for a slight increase in hi-definition. So be prepared in late 07 to 2008 for this to be everyday advertisement.